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At Tonic Agency, we specialise in bridal hair and makeup services.


By choosing a hair and makeup artist that specialises in bridal beauty, you’re ensuring that your look will have the stamina and durability to last the length of your wedding day.


Bridal makeup is a fine art, as the makeup has to look as good in person as it does in photos. Bridal hairstyling is a special skill, as the style has to last the whole day and be sweat, wind and touch proof - think of all the people who will be hugging and kissing you throughout the day!

By booking with Tonic Agency, you skip having to reach out to different artists, waiting for replies from busy people to determine their availability and fee.

While the work the artist does on the day is extremely important, the communication in the lead up to the wedding is just as vital. When you book with Tonic Agency, you’re guaranteed an easy experience from the enquiry stage, to planning the big day, to the actual wedding day when the artist leaves you looking like the most beautiful possible version of yourself.


Tonic organises all the details so you don’t have to worry. When you enquire with us, you will be sent a proposal with information about your assigned artist, and closer to the wedding date, we will draw up a schedule for you with all the relevant timings and order, so you don’t need to worry about organising anything. After all, we are the experts in hair and makeup!


  • Bridal makeup and hairstyling

  • Bridesmaids hair and/or makeup

  • Mother and grandmothers of the bride and/or groom hair and makeup

  • Flowergirls

  • Bride’s men or groom’s women

  • Trials

  • We can cater to large groups using a large pool of artists

  • LGBTQI+ friendly

Our artists charge different amounts based on their experience and demand. To learn more about our pricing, please click here.


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