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VRC Spring Gala

What better way to welcome Spring than with the VRC Spring Gala, an event that sets the tone for the fashion this race season.

This year, the VRC Spring Gala runway show - curated by Paul Versace/Styled By Bloom - took centre stage. The show featured some of the most coveted designers in the industry, including Alamour the Label, Bianca and Bridget, Oglia Loro Couture, and Azzurielle.

Directed by Tonic Agency’s founder and senior makeup artist, Monica Gingold, along with a group of some of Melbourne’s best hair and makeup artists, Kim, Valentina, Ingrid, Hayley, Heidi, Giuliana, and Steph Ke who all worked behind the scenes to ensure that every model looked flawless on the catwalk. The event wouldn't have been complete without the talented artists who brought the runway looks to life.

Monica put together soft glam makeup and a sleek hair that enhanced the model's features and created a flawless and elevated look that complimented Paul Versace styling for the evening. The models showcased our brand new Tonic Cosmetics in shades Latte and Rosé, adding a touch of sophistication to their looks.

All the magic of the evening was beautifully captured by photographer Jess Harwood who can be found at on Instagram. Jess’s photography encapsulated the glitz and glam of the runway.

The VRC Spring Gala was an event to remember, marking the beginning of an exciting Spring Racing Carnival.


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