Private workshops available for hens parties, birthday parties, workplace, corporate and other private groups. To enquire about a private workshop, please fill in the contact form.

What makeup means to us

Makeup is a powerful tool to empower women to put their best foot forward and build their confidence to present themselves to the world however they choose to. Makeup isn’t about covering your flaws, but enhancing your best features. If you’re down, not feeling the best on the inside, sometimes presenting yourself on the outside helps heal what’s on the inside. Good makeup is the difference of getting that job, winning over clients or presenting confidently even if you don’t always feel it. Good makeup is as important as your whole outfit.


We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ makeup and encourage all participants to go home and experiment further on what they learn here. Its not about doing every single step you learn here today, but hopefully taking away a few helpful tips and tricks to improving your already existing makeup routine.

Why we are doing this

We wanted to create a platform where women can learn about makeup in an unbiased, not sales driven environment. We don’t believe women should have to spend huge amounts of money on all their products, and are passionate about luxe to less, spendy/savey choices. We chose to partner with Adore Beauty as they stock affordable as well as luxury products.


Updating your skills in makeup is important because it helps keep your knowledge fresh and current, keep up to date with new products and techniques to make things easier for you, as well as problem solving any issues you might be having with your makeup. Maybe you bought some expensive products and don’t know how to use them. Maybe you have been using the same thing for a long time and want to mix things up. Or maybe you’re not getting the desired effects out of your makeup anymore. As well as how to know if what you already have is worth keeping and what might need replacing.